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Family owned & operated since 1956

San Diego's Valley Farm Market was established in 1956 by Felix and Eleanor Marso. Their four children grew up operating the family business by assisting with sweeping the parking lot, washing vegetables, and sorting bottles. Being apart of the business at an early age, the Marsos developed a motto that...

"You can't expect someone else to do the work, if you are not willing to do it yourself. You have to lead by example."

Learning from his grandparents' tradition of hard work and leading by example, Derek Marso is now the 3rd generation to own Valley Farm Market.

Felix and Eleanor's hard work is evident in their children Don, Donna and Jim who are dedicated to the community, as they sponsor youth sports, local charities, as well as local sheriffs and firefighters. Valley Farm Market is located in Spring Valley and famous for its USDA Prime and Choice beef from Omaha Nebraska, fresh Seafood flown in weekly from Alaska, distribution of Julian Pies, Fine wines and Micro Brew beer. They continue to serve their local customers as well as anyone interested in stopping by for a taste of their famous meat department!

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